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How to take your Immune GSH?

Immune GSH Dos and Dont's?

What is Glutathione (GSH)?

Glutathione, often referred to as GSH, is a powerful Antioxidant, Detoxifier and Immune Booster consisting of three amino acids:  L-Cysteine, Glycine and L-Glutamic acid.


Glutathione (GSH) improves cellular health and mitochondrial function, immune function; and also acts like a magnet for toxins and heavy metals; purging these harmful substances from the body.


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Is Glutathione Absorbed When Taken Orally?

Yes.  Recent studies have shown that supplementing GSH orally is an effective way to increase intracellular GSH levels in the body.

What Does Glutathione Help With?

Practically everything.


Glutathione is a master antioxidant, key detoxifier, and super immune booster, translating holistically into the health and well-being of every cell in the body –  affecting the entire bodily system.  Thus, the range of ailments and conditions that are improved by increasing your Glutathione levels is seemingly endless.


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If it is Made Naturally by the Body, Why Should I Be Supplementing It?

Glutathione is manufactured naturally by the body, but it is nearly impossible for our body to keep up adequately with the demand for this Master Antioxidant.  There are an enormous amount of daily living factors that depletes your Glutathione levels, making it is crucial to fortify levels through consistent effective supplementation.

I am Already Healthy. Do I Need to Supplement Glutathione?

Yes.  The modern world we live in is constantly bombarding us with GSH depleting toxins. The air we breathe, water we drink and foods we eat, are constantly attacking our Glutathione levels. Mental and physical stress, as well as exercise also greatly depletes our GSH Levels.
Attrition due to natural aging is also a major factor in depleting GSH levels. GSH levels begin to drop after the age of 20, which means virtually every adult has less than ideal GSH levels.

I Am Very Ill. Should I Supplement Glutathione?

Yes.  Research has shown a direct correlation between disease, illness and or infection, with low levels of Glutathione.  Glutathione is constantly being used up in order to fight off the infection or illness.  Raising your GSH levels will support your body the in the fight against disease, illness and infection.

Are There Any Side Effects to Supplementation With Glutathione?

Some people may experience the mild effects of a detox.
By dramatically raising your GSH levels, your body will be better equipped to purge toxins that have accumulated over a lifetime. Although uncommon, this can translate into temporary lethargic feeling, headaches, a feeling of nausea, or a number of other symptoms. Possibly occurring a few days after supplementation begins and lasting anywhere from a day to very rarely a couple of weeks afterwards.
Due to the super effects GSH has with boosting the Immune System, Immuno-suppressed people, such as bone marrow transplant recipients and organ transplant patients will need to work with their health care team before using a Glutathione regiment.

Can I Take Glutathione During Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding?

No adverse effects have been reported. A health care practitioner should be consulted prior to use if the person is pregnant or has reason to believe she is, or if she is breastfeeding.

Why is Glutathione Called The “Master Antioxidant”?

Glutathione is the principal intracellular antioxidant which is produced in the body. It is called “the master antioxidant” because it can regenerate itself in the liver after each fill-up of free radicals and go back to work. Free radicals are often the byproduct of normal cellular metabolic oxidation and toxic overload. They can lead to autoimmune diseases, several types of cancer, and even heart attacks.

Why does the color and texture slightly differ in each bottle of Immune GSH?

Immune GSH is a 100% natural undenatured substance; which means not chemically processed. As a result with all natural products minimally processed for consumption, color and texture may very slightly while their foundational components remains the same.
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